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Goodwinds Kites Wind Cheater

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This is a long shot, but I'm looking for the plans for the Wind Cheater, a dual line kite from Goodwinds Kites produced back in the 90's.  I bought the pattern and all of the supplies to build the kite from Gasworks Park Kite Shop in Seattle about 22 years ago and never finished it.  I still have the nylon and fiberglass and would love to build the kite, but I've lost the pattern.  Thought I would check here and see if anyone might have a copy or know where I might come across one.

Here's one of their kite patterns in case this will help jog some memories...Same packaging but a small sport kite instead of a diamond.

Wind Cheater.jpgGoodwinds.jpg

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Goodwinds Composites in MT Vernon WA. Paul DeBakker works there and he's a master flier and designer.Helping you with the Wind Cheater might get those folks a bit excited.You could be a test monkey for their new tubes on a older design.Looked at Kitebuilders and GWTW briefly but no luck. I don't go to kitebuilders  much (for now). I get lost and lose focus on what I need to be learning now(flying). Post your question on both of those sites too. My bet is it's not that long of a shot. I seem to be reading more about older kites lately than new ones. Starting to get a glimmer of the how and why some things have changed while others not so much. Keep us posted. I'll be following with much interest. 

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Thanks for the suggestions.  Posted on both sites and emailed Goodwinds.

I found a few posts on Kitebuilder from people that had built the Wind Cheater, all from 10-15 years ago, so I sent them PMs.  Fingers crossed.

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