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For how long did the control feel very wrong?

Did returning to normal (non dog stake) control feel confusing?

How long before you could do the most basic flying?

Any point in gradually approaching the kite from the side over a couple of hours to gradually get used to dog stake type control?

Was there anything unexpected?

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No no confusion returning to normal flight, but flying inverted on the dog stake confused my brain a bit with regards to side slides, there where a few ground bouncing moments, your brain seems to sort most of it out and the fun is off the scale😁

Bit of video from my first flight on Facebook another enjoyable journey coming up,


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I tried JB's at Long Beach on shorter lines (60'?), lots of fun. Didn't take too long to figure it out, but it is a bit weird having the kite in your face! But it opens up a bunch of new possibilities, interacting up close style with the kite.

Mikey makes a real piece of art, using good quality parts, so it isn't cheap. But it is the best out there I've seen. JB and Mikey played with the design for quite a while, getting all the bugs worked out. 

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