Steve Irby

1993 AKA Convention in Seaside

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Here is a link to my video files just uploaded to YouTube. This is the 1993 AKA convention.  I also uploaded the files from the 1992 Northwest Regionals, and 1993 WSIKF events.  I placed them in separate playlists with index in the description.  Let me know if I can do anything to improve upon them.  I was a novice in those days, and didn't capture everything I now wish I had.  Please feel free to share the url's wherever you wish.

Oh, sorry I spelled your name wrong inside one of the videos.  I corrected it in the description.

-See you in Long Beach next week maybe.  I'll be with the blokarts and buggies.

-Steve Irby

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Amazing. ❤️

Its so wild to see myself going up for awards at the age of 18, sooo blonde. 😂

Thanks a lot for posting these Steve, sorry to have missed you at WSIKF - was only there for a couple of days, we were preparing for the trip we’re on now (3 weeks in UK, Denmark and France).

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