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During the Forum Issue.

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First, @John Barresi Thanks for staying on top of the issue despite your travel. Travel safe and have fun.

The experience over the last few days was different I'm sure for each of us.. Some were going through forum withdrawals. Some simply diverted over to social media. While you were unable to post, for the most part you were able to at least read. I got the chance to chat with folks that usually only show up in chat as what we call a ghost. They are online but not really in the room. Reconnecting with those individuals as a pleasant reprise. I mourned the passing of a friend. @Roadwarrior26

I did fly a bit one afternoon to get ready for this weekend's event.

So my question for you is;  While you were unable to post and there was really nothing new to see, what did you do? Did you take the time to fly? Did you suddenly realize your family had a puppy or kitten?



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Worried myself into a mild frenzy thinking I might have gotten banned. Had some trouble connecting to GWTW too. Affected my flying so bad I just about broke a LLE :kid_brooding:. Wife went out to my kite shed(yes I now have a special place). Did not go very well and I was quite uncomfortable. Trying to justify ones behavior makes one look rather foolish :ani_giveup:.Yes sorry to say even with kites.

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