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Trilby bridle details; anyone remember?

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Hi All,

 Trying to resurrect some Trilbys, both single- and as a stack. The framing is all here, but the original bridles are gone. Does anyone know the measurements, have photos, or copies of the original instructions? Thanks in advance!

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Sorry about not seeing this earlier. Been out of the wind for too long. 

NOTE: this bridle is the "special" bridle for trains. The kite in the pic is the lead kite, i.e. the yellow vertical spar. 

The top 2 measure 39 inches from knot to knot, and the bottom 2 measure 43 inches.

If you only fly 3 or 4 kites, you can use the normal setup, it just wears out faster. Sorry I don't have a normal bridle out to measure. 


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