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Long Beach Island kite festival, 2018

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Hello... it's been a  l-o-n-g  time since I've gotten out to a festival, or had anything personal to post about. I've been around, still very interested in kiting, just haven't had a chance to get out and really fly much. I actually missed last year's LBI kite fest and that was a real bummer, because the pictures that I saw from friends showed that it was even better than the first two years. Well, LBI kite fest is four years old now, and will hopefully exceed expectations, as long as the weather holds out. I got here in the early afternoon on Friday, and was happy to see that there were all ready kites in the air. So, I went strait to the beach, put out the full vent as the winds were over 20mph, and got a taste of how rusty I am. Most of it came back quickly, but wow, don't take 6 months off and expect to pick up where you left off...

Anyway, the indoor event is on the first night of the festival, it's held at a local elementary school. Not a huge gym, but big enough to fit about 200 people on the side-lines and in the bleachers. This is the first time I've flown indoors other than in my living room, so it was, uh, interesting ? I've flown in zero wind conditions plenty, so it wasn't much different that outdoors other than having different obstacles. I was very impressed with the skills of the many competitors, single line, dual line, and quads. I'll roll some pictures and I would guess that there will be some familiar faces to some of you...








In the mouth !?!


I know, right ? not only does he fly with a handle in his mouth, but he can fly 2 at the same time... Decas, no less !


The gratuitous Kaiju shot...  😎


So, this guy got me to fly my first demo. First indoor demo. I think he might be a bad influence... a great guy, it was so good to see him.


This was an unexpected treat !


Hopefully, I'll remember to get the camera out tomorrow on the beach. I forgot today, but it was kinda nasty windy and rainy, so the camera is better off. I'll keep yous posted.

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Ok, I remembered to get my camera out today while I was on the beach. The weather could've been better, and the winds were just  little high for dual line flying, but that's all I flew, anyway. It was a great day flying OPK's, and some of my own. I met some incredible kite artists, and ended the night with a night fly...

IMG_3838.jpg IMG_3842.jpg

IMG_3844.jpg IMG_3846.jpg






The experience of laying in the sand, flying the light kite for and hour was indescribable ! Highly recommended !



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Thanks for posting. Gets me thinking of festivals, and it has also been forever since, for me.

Looks like there are a couple of days left. May the weather and all work out for the balance of the festival!


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It's been a while since I got a chance to go to a festival. It's been really hard to find time to escape life and find time to play with kites. I guess that's expected with 3 kids 10 & under and a full time job that involves a 4 hour commute. Yes, life has gotten in the way of kiting for now, so that made this trip extra special.


The mid-vent Rev was my choice to fly on Sunday morning, after my Solus was munched & crunched by a wave. The weather was great, 80* and sunny, and the Atlantic was still warm enough to stand in comfortably while flying. Great time playing with the waves, and dodging the lines of countless SLKs.

A friend of mine got some shots of me doing the indoor demo. I thought I had a different glider in my bag, but it turned out to be the Plutz, which worked out well anyway...

43243445_2147888598568724_20386021683023 43388388_2147888828568701_37824125475047

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Glad you're back to posting more. Like you've mostly had to do I'm learning this stuff from the web and flying solo. Your stuff is always inspirational.Acquiring the kites you have or have flown is a little disheartening though 🤣.

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LBI#4 was a great time with wildy appreciate crowds and super hard working volunteers too, everything you could want was there, you just hard to seek it out, indoor, kids activities, team, inflatables, dualies, gliders, quads, SLKs, comps (but only the good ones!)

For MMB as an example, Scott Weider, Jim Cosca and myself were the judges and we sat in the crowd with the folks, sharing the score cards before filling in our numbers.  When done, we asked those around us "who won to you?"   Marc Conklin was their selected (and our official champion), defeating Smitty, Lisa, Laura and Karl Berg.  Each flier has a unique flight style, musical points and showmanship, thousands cheered 'em on.  Indoor was amazing, again I chose to Judge and getting a great seat helped me see what is possible when you want it bad enough,...... they did!

Go to a festival, share the experience with other like-minded individuals.  This one rocked totally!!!! if you can get there for number five in 2019, you should join us!

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