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Hi all from the East of England

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1 hour ago, Gladders said:


So here's the rub - you read around to seek advice, and on one site you read that the premier addiction is too twitchy and has loads of oversteer, then on another you find someone like you that really likes it. So much of this is subjective, which means that a kite with consistent though perhaps lukewarm reviews starts to looks like a good bet. 

I'm looking forward to flying the Quantum. Today will be the second thirteen hour working day in a row, but I'm off tomorrow. The forecast is cold and clear with 4/5mph winds. Maybe I'll get some light wind practice in.

Can I say, I'm really enjoying this kite chat. Thanks to everyone who's made me so welcome.

Keep in mind, there are facts and there are opinions. Size, and specifications are the facts. Almost everything else is opinion and has to be weighed against personal preference and experiences.

IMO, Kites are kind of like shoes, what fits one person may not work at all for another.. You also will likely outgrow what works today in lieu of something that works better for you tomorrow. You may find a favorite that does EVERYTHING you want only to find that model is no longer manufactured or has been replaced with an "improved" model that may or may not meet your needs. And like shoes, it's all about the proper fit first and opinion and performance take over from there.. That's also why so many of us strongly advise newbies to fly other people's kites first (OPK).  You might find the perfect kite for you and even better it might even be for sale on the spot.

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2 hours ago, Gladders said:


 So much of this is subjective, which means that a kite with consistent though perhaps lukewarm reviews starts to looks like a good bet. 


You hit the nail on the head. The confusion on kite choices has been 1/2 the fun getting the next one I think LOL I change priorities for the next kite a lot.Sometimes because a excellent deal comes up on a kite I wouldn't think about at this stage. My Addiction came in a package deal. Did not think I'd like it but I do.

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Regarding the Zephyr. Great low-wind to mid-range-wind kite. If you're just starting out, don't get one unless you plan to leave it in your bag for a year and pull it out when you're ready for it. Any beginner will probably hate it. Unless you are very familiar with how to adjust a dual line sport kite for a specific wind type and speed, you will have it adjusted wrong more than half the time. The kite is designed with inherent instability so it can be tricked well. This will drive you nuts until you gain enough experience. I had one and am telling it the way it is. Eventually I loved it -- but until then . . . .

And I'm not even talking about tricking it, just getting it to fly with some control. It has a very small range of compatibility with existing conditions. You need to have it "dead on" or it will cause you grief. Bridle, stand-offs, weight position, and sail tension must all be well-coordinated. You will eventually learn to use all of these adjustments to your advantage if you stay with it. If you think kites may be a temporary passion you're just increasing your level of frustration in what should be pure joy. You don't have to fly as well as a pro to have fun.

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20 hours ago, riffclown said:

 replaced with an "improved" model that may or may not meet your needs. 

Cell phone service here is poor at times. Went to place my order for the Addiction Pro and phone was breaking up. Went out  flying and started thinking about what Riff said(E2 to E3 etc.) and the kites I really, really want. The NEED is gone cause I got a nice well rounded quiver. Saturday I'll be flying with the grandkids and their Addiction. Fever is subsiding and money back in the kite bank.The kite shakes are fun but not very productive. I got a Zephyr 4 months in. Thinking on what Makatakam said I'd have to mostly agree. I fly in my west pasture and get to most every day .For most folks it's an effort to get to a place to fly. Jobs, families ,commitments,time.Makes my rookie year different than most. Forget that at times.First 4 months for me was probably a years time for most people. I still don't have all the adjustments down pat. Mostly but the kite has a lot of different characteristics. Started to move it on many times to fund a custom as I've said but it really is a great kite IMO.It has taught this newbie a ton. How to deal with frustrating adjustments for one.As much as I want to gain top notch skills the pure FUN is what keeps me fixing the dang things and going back out. Hydra is back on the bench this morning for a minor tune up. Do Hickies grrrr. 

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On 10/20/2018 at 9:26 AM, Gladders said:

I just had forty minutes in 6mph winds with the quantum.  Great fun. Waaaay slower than the limbo,  and more stately.  Got a helicopter and a belly launch.  Nothing broken. Woo hoo!


The Quantum has the reputation of being built like a tank. You did very well to fly it in 6mph. While it is rated even lower, for me the sweet spot on the kite is maybe 8 to 10. Much more and it flies, but really hauls butt a bit (not necessarily a bad thing, if that is what you are looking for I suppose). 

In lower winds you have a tad more reaction time, and damage risk is reduced -- but too low in some moves the thing will just fall out of the sky like a dead bird , unceremoniously.

It is a hefty kite, but a good one, and a nice early step that you can fly for a while.

Mine is a green one ;)


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On 10/23/2018 at 3:07 PM, midibot said:

but too low in some moves the thing will just fall out of the sky like a dead bird , unceremoniously.

Yes, there was a bit of that.  Stall, then fall. I tried a couple of nosedive to pancakes,  which I might not have dared in stronger winds. 

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