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Kite Flying Locations on Big Island of Hawaii

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Haven't been there in 14 years and didn't fly kites at the time.Went to the southern tip and spent the afternoon watching people fish along the weed line with kites.It was awesome. Mauna Loa has a shuttle to the observatories at the summit. That would be an incredible place to fly.1300 plus feet in the air so take a coat.

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Thanks for the input. South Point does always have wind and usually lots of it, but I was hoping to find other locations closer to Kona. Flying on Mauna Loa would be different at 13,681 feet and low O2 levels!

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If you do go to the top of Mauna Loa post some pics when you get home doing axles on the Mount McKinley summit LOL.Man I need to fly at the top of Pikes Peak.Any of you make it to Colorado Springs I'd be happy to drive you to the top. Might want to bring a small bottle of Oxygen.It is a 14 footer.Doughnuts up there are some of the best.

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