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Sync Bridle (basics)

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While I will be working on full length tutorials as weather and time allow, here is a basic intro to the Sync Bridle for those of you not on Facebook.

Summary for using the limiter adjustment on the Djinn:

My favorite knot (x) for an ideal wind range, second from the inside...

 ————O—-xO——O——O (end)

Shortening the distance between top and bottom decks of the bridle favors center sail compression, sharper response.

Lengthening that distance makes a more traditional “pull the leading edge” type of flight easier and reduces sensitivity (good for upper wind ranges when the kite is getting squirrelly).

There is also a slight increase in max forward speed when the limiter is lengthened.

More formal content is planned for the future, as well as more “on the spot” bits like this - thanks all, can’t wait to see the kite express themselves very differently in each of your hands. ☺️

Also FYI, all Djinns come standard on the middle setting like this:

————O——O—-xO——O (end)

Feel free to post any follow up questions here. 👍🏻

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