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Turning 40

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Today was the day. OH MY is a GROSS understatement. Good time on my vented till 25. Horsed it around a bit until 30. Got out the Delta Hawk. Wowsers. Measured 37,38 and 39 while flying. After I put everything away heading for the shed measured 43 mph. Think I got 30 minutes in the air right around 40. Kinda terrifying.That's why it was so much freaking fun. Got my stones in order, wound up the kite and crossed center window 3 times.OMG fast.Do believe I now hold the fastest kite record. Well in Yoder anyways. I think. Didn't see any other kites so at least the record for fastest in the air today. Dang near face planted once. Rest of the time zipping around the edge, winding it up and turning back before hitting full on power zone. Good thing that kites tough. Boy is it ever.My Prism Micron was a complete snooze fest compared to the Hawk. Gonna take some serious time on the lines before moving to the faster speed kites.Less pull will definitely be something sought after. Even the Whizz pulls less(Addict Kites). Kept thinking about the warning for Spiderkites Neon 1.2 foil when starting to buy. Wound up the Hawk just off TDC slightly into the power. Came screaming down at about 8 o'clock. Lost it and BLAM!!! Really good chance that impact would have blown out the Neon.Super glad I have the Hawk to learn this aspect of kiting.It is now 2nd nature to walk around the wind window when resetting a kite above 15 mph. GOOD THING!!! Being in the path of that little monster or the lines would be zero fun in today's winds.I place the kite away from center. Then walk around in that same direction.If for some reason the kite self launches it will have the tendency to go towards the power zone. Don't count on it though. Few extra steps is good for me.Winds will still be high early  AM. Hope to do it again tomorrow. IF I can walk then LOL.

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