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What should I buy for a high wind lifter kite?

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I have been using this LS-30:


It gets unstable above 30 km/h.  What should I use for lifting my KAP rig when the wind is above 30 km/h?

My criteria:

Cheap, including shipping to Australia

Doesn't pull so much it's dangerous

I have to hold it in one hand to attach the KAP rig

Portable (I take my kite on my bicycle)


Can lift my very light KAP rig


Thanks for your suggestions!

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Do you prefer a frameless kite? A vented Rokkaku can be adjusted for it AOA. A normal ROK can but don't think above 30 kays would be sustained for a duration of time. I've had my ROK in winds about 35 but I didn't feel comfortable pushing it. They would lift a KAP rig too. I think that you can buy them "off the shelf" from Jones Airfoils but not 100% sure.

Plenty of great places for kapping in Melbs.

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I have no hands on experience with kite aerial photography, but I recall looking around at the old Charles Benton site back in the day for fun. I think it has been up and down a bit of late for technical reasons, but it is a wealth of KAP oriented information if you have not checked it out yet. There is also a discussion forum, and you can search the site as well for others experience in a particular aspect. 

Thought this may be of use also to others interested in the subject.

The url: 


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