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For sale; Micron, Jammin, Hypotist.


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For sale a few seldom used dual lines. All have been flown about a dozen times no holes, repairs or damage.

Prism Micron - 39" WS. Comes with 50# x 35ft lines and finger straps. Two available if want a stack. 35$ each + shipping. Microns are sold!

SkyDog Jammin'- 86" WS. Comes with 150# x 80ft lines and straps. Yo-Yo machine, has extended bridle and Yo-Yo stoppers. 75$ + shipping.

Prism Hypnotist- 94" WS. Comes with 150# x 85ft. Lines and straps.100$ + shipping. Hypnotist is sold!

All via. Paypal. 




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