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I'll show you mine... (roll-up bag pics)

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Inspired by the other discussion but not wanting to commandeer that thread... some pictures of my own homemade roll up bag made about two years ago.

Here it is all rolled up in the back of the vehicle. It's nearly the width of the vehicle, made from ripstop nylon. There are adjustable backpack clips on webbing holding it closed, and a 2" webbing shoulder strap taken from an old gym bag. The trunk isn't messy, those are kites: a blue kite bag that won't fit lying down, a shipping package containing some indoor kites. Also visible in the vehicle's cargo pocket are the cayenne pepper bottle I occasionally sprinkle in as dog repellent on the right side, along with hats, sunscreen, and other kite-related stuff.  The big outside pocket on the bag has a purse-style double zipper and holds my wind meter, papers for logging flight time, repair tape, and misc other stuff. (Note to thieves: please don't rob my vehicle.)


Unwrapping the burrito. Five large pockets each able to hold about 3 kites, and four 4 smaller half-length pockets hold other parts. Currently contains 9 kites (soon to be 10 when I win the drawing) a mix of dual-line and quad-line, a pile of spars, about 10 line sets, handles, stakes, and a few other odds and ends.  I used elastic cargo net mesh for the inner pockets, sewn down with webbing.  To keep all the pockets closed there is a strip of bungee elastic interwoven with the netting, I can tighten or loosen the openings as needed with knots in the bungee. 


Detail of the half-length pockets, sewing, and bungee elastic. The webbing has one line of black stitching down the middle, and two lines that match the bag color running on the sides. You can see the knots in the bungee elastic that keep the pockets closed.


There are a few things I would improve if I created another. I'd move the outside straps in about two inches, the top one I left out a little bit far because I expected to add some wider kites, but ultimately that never happened. I'd make the outside pocket a little less deep, it was about 1.5" but because it isn't pushed tight against anything it opens up like a cavern, which works well for sunscreen and other items but feels too big to me. Overall it's a great bag, worth the time and money invested in the project.

I didn't realize how big the project was until I finished it. It took several weekends, and I understand how the well-made kite bags can justify the $100+ price tags. 

Anyone else have custom kite bags to share?

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I tucked the straps on my bag in 10 inchs on each end for that reason. Hear you on why the kite bags are so expensive, their  not as easy  as  they look. I'm  in 40-70$ on materials only. Then you have to figure out everything, else . Owning something custom and one off is priceless. Nothing as good as someone asking "where did you buy that", and telling them that you built it!

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