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Two Rev 1.5 B-series for sale

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1553136752391552068813.jpgFull vent arrived today in perfect condition. Bonus was a custom L.S. kite stake that I didn't  expect, but was in the photos. Question  for the masses? What is the difference between these the 2 wraps with the green stripes and the 2 wraps that came in my SUL? Green stripe rod is .2 grams heavier.

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The Rods with the Green Trim are part of Revolutions new formulation to counter "counterfeiting"

Rev will tell you flat out there is no difference but as you have already found the weight is different and the flex is very different. For at least a short period of time the GT (green trimmed) rods were very prone to breakage. almost always into 3 pieces with the breaks about an inch from the green. Rev "corrected" that issue but never officially acknowledged there was an issue. I'm unaware of a method to discern between the ones prone to breakage and those that are corrected.

There was a big topic on those rods and the differences when they first started showing up.


The meat of the conversations starts around the 2nd or third page in



On ‎6‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 7:52 PM, John Barresi said:

Yeah, there's no specification for uprights vs leading edge - supposed to be universal.

Many of the pros I know are hoarding the non-GL rods, there is no comparison between new GL and old non-GL, huge difference in strength, flex and recoil.

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