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Wanted: New ZEN

Paul LaMasters

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Hi folks, I have three Zens or used to own 'em anyway.  They are ALL a ragged mess and I want a new one.  Don't need the bridle or the frame but I'm willing to work something out.

If an exchange interests you instead of my bride's cash, ..... my offering is a 100% Shook Mesh Masterpiece Quad-lined kite in R/W/B with 16" magic sticks and a French bridle, 3wraps

it's the one facing 2o'clock

Thank you very much for your consideration too!-plm

B-pro & Shook Revs.jpg

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Man, flew the Shook 100% for a last time Saturday and it was like parting with a child, went home and told the misses "write me a cheque payable to Justin and I'll make sure his wife knows we're offering cash instead too!"

She just laughed heartily and said "no way is he giving up that swap" (La-)master piece.  

Sunday during the exchange, (neither kite was correct) so we spanked a B-2, Frenched, micro-carbon sticked and a new dualie kite of Harmer's by Lam with our buddy Fletch.

Monday I took the new Zen to the Soccreplex field, slapped in a travel frame (diamond leading edge) and black race down spars, cut off the original Dacron bridle, but left the loops and affixed the new French to those loops.  Adjusted the attachment points to suit my tuning preferences and tested it with 75 '/100# Skybond.  After some more bridle adjustments the knots were "painted" with black nail polish for permanent placement.  (I had to take off and unwind some wrapped-up legs) That thing is all dialed in now, much better than the stock bridle, but I did test it beforehand.

Anyway, both of us got used kites that we are thrilled with, great swap all around!!!

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