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Yesterday rain turning to snow about 10 am. Winds in the upper 20's. By noon 50 to 60. Local graph still not updated but the news said 87 mph in the mid afternoon.Personally I think they exaggerated. More like 84 maybe 85 at most LOL. Lived in this area since 1996. Highest winds yet.Wanted to but no I didn't fly a kite. Little drama but turned out okay. As the storm started intensifying 1 of my Akbash flock guardians got his collar stuck in a fence. Very vocal dogs and easy to understand them.Both were barking for help. Got about 15' from the house and had to turn back. 2 hours later only 1 barking. Hour after that he went silent. About 2 hours later winds in low 50's I got to him.That was a LONG, LONG 5 hours not knowing what was happening. Didn't have much strength left and his muzzle is tore up from trying to free himself. He's 135 lbs and luckily he made it to the house on his own. Didn't have to worry about opening a gate. Drifts are so high we just crawled over the fence. He spent the night in the laundry room and at 1st light he was whining to get back to his brother and alpacas. He'll have some scars but that is one tough dog.Spring calving has started and storms like this are devastating to the cattle. Lot of folks around here and for miles east are having a awful day tending their herds.Grateful once again our place has come thru relatively unscathed.

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Yep, youngest daughter was interviewed on the news this morning. Neighbors big Blue Spruce came down crushing her pickup and SUV. SUCKS. She works her butt off and had just gotten a GMC Acadia Denali. Nicest ride she's ever had. We spent over a month chasing the deal all along the front range. One sweet ride and I was kinda jealous LOL.Hadn't even made the 1st payment yet. No one was hurt and it missed her house so that's a good thing to say the least.

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