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John Barresi

FS: Revolution B-Series VTD **SOLD**

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Good condition, one small break in the vent along the vertical (circled below), a few small breaks in LE mesh but WELL supported by aftermarket LE tabs, wear strips and 2nd trailing edge stitch, original 4 wrap frame and TK-tied bridle.

B2A1137A-C800-43BB-999B-E46289E5CFF9.png 7DFE2067-A757-4A9B-9A90-FF2ECB98504B.png 30DAEE67-9F23-4A58-883E-7551AEF70DB6.png

$225 $210 as is, shipping included for US buyers, $25 more for non-US but can combine shipment(s) if you buy more than one of the kites I currently have for sale.


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