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Transitions, up for grabs...

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Alright folks, due to my current life transition(s) and unexpected expenses I’m needing to raise some funds so I’m putting up my last full set of B-Pros for raffle...

Six kites (framed and bridled) in various good to rough conditions, ALL have a good bit of life left in them except for the STD (would need trailing edge panel replacement) but they are all part of a matched set that I flew around the US and at festivals worldwide for several years.

Man, if these kites could tell stories... 🤪


CAF535C3-DD5F-426A-8369-7BC8390ACE2E.png 99C2B60F-1823-45EC-9235-8458F5437FE3.png 724F34A3-2C99-4769-8189-CE788C1A7915.png

F5AFD20E-8E1E-499B-BF2B-A0CB0AC5F0D8.png 89C6A42E-E4E4-45B5-91BC-C105BC20F71A.png 612069EC-9BD1-4A8E-9170-7FA723C66529.png

All are actual Bazzer-built B-Series Pros, some with aftermarket leading edge tabs and wear strips added, almost all are TK-ties bridles in various conditions... Here’s a playlist of some of the adventures they’ve been on:

Full list of kites and included framed:

  • STD - Race SPL
  • MID1 - 3 wrap
  • MID2 - 3 wrap
  • VTD1 - 3 wrap
  • VTD2 - 3 wrap
  • XTR - 3 wrap

Basic up close look at each:

All kites come AS IS, a very heavily flown set from my own performance collection - it’s possible that I’ve missed a small hole here or there but the photos and videos above are revealing enough - even at $125 each (a steal) this package would be worth $750, an epic score for whoever wins.

Enter here, any quantity...


Enter as many times as you like!

Each entry ticket is $5, numbers will be issued in order of purchase, no cap on tickets available, one winner will be drawn at random via Random.org on May 10th.

Thanks as always for your support. 🙏🏻

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I'm IN !

If they come my way, I hope the guy who trained them will be my way some day & show me how it's done !

Best wishes, JB.

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I'm in. Guess I'll have to make a new bag to hold all of these. Already bought the materials. Here's to karma!

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