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Transitions, up for grabs...

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Alright folks, due to my current life transition(s) and unexpected expenses I’m needing to raise some funds so I’m putting up my last full set of B-Pros for raffle...

Six kites (framed and bridled) in various good to rough conditions, ALL have a good bit of life left in them except for the STD (would need trailing edge panel replacement) but they are all part of a matched set that I flew around the US and at festivals worldwide for several years.

Man, if these kites could tell stories... 🤪


CAF535C3-DD5F-426A-8369-7BC8390ACE2E.png 99C2B60F-1823-45EC-9235-8458F5437FE3.png 724F34A3-2C99-4769-8189-CE788C1A7915.png

F5AFD20E-8E1E-499B-BF2B-A0CB0AC5F0D8.png 89C6A42E-E4E4-45B5-91BC-C105BC20F71A.png 612069EC-9BD1-4A8E-9170-7FA723C66529.png

All are actual Bazzer-built B-Series Pros, some with aftermarket leading edge tabs and wear strips added, almost all are TK-ties bridles in various conditions... Here’s a playlist of some of the adventures they’ve been on:

Full list of kites and included framed:

  • STD - Race SPL
  • MID1 - 3 wrap
  • MID2 - 3 wrap
  • VTD1 - 3 wrap
  • VTD2 - 3 wrap
  • XTR - 3 wrap

Basic up close look at each:

All kites come AS IS, a very heavily flown set from my own performance collection - it’s possible that I’ve missed a small hole here or there but the photos and videos above are revealing enough - even at $125 each (a steal) this package would be worth $750, an epic score for whoever wins.

Enter here, any quantity...


Enter as many times as you like!

Each entry ticket is $5, numbers will be issued in order of purchase, no cap on tickets available, one winner will be drawn at random via Random.org on May 10th.

Thanks as always for your support. 🙏🏻

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  • 4 weeks later...

For this kind of raffle, I think of it first and foremost as a donation to someone who has taught me in videos and a few times in person, who is having trouble and needs money.  The raffle just makes it a little easier to give the money. 

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Here is the ticket list...

BP-001 SP
BP-002 SP
BP-003 TF
BP-004 TF
BP-005 TF
BP-006 MK
BP-007 MK
BP-008 MK
BP-009 MK
BP-010 RB
BP-011 RB
BP-012 RB
BP-013 RB
BP-014 RB
BP-015 RB
BP-016 RB
BP-017 RB
BP-018 RB
BP-019 RB
BP-020 JS
BP-021 JS
BP-022 JS
BP-023 JS
BP-024 JS
BP-025 GH
BP-026 GH
BP-027 GH
BP-028 GH
BP-029 GH
BP-030 DT
BP-031 DT
BP-032 DT
BP-033 DT
BP-034 DT
BP-035 DT
BP-036 DT
BP-037 DT
BP-038 DT
BP-039 DT
BP-040 MK
BP-041 JD
BP-042 SK
BP-043 SK
BP-044 SK
BP-045 SK
BP-046 SK
BP-047 SK
BP-048 SK
BP-049 SK
BP-050 SK
BP-051 SK
BP-052 SK
BP-053 SK
BP-054 GJ
BP-055 GJ
BP-056 RK
BP-057 RK
BP-058 RK
BP-059 RK
BP-060 RK
BP-061 GN
BP-062 GN
BP-063 GN
BP-064 GN
BP-065 GN
BP-066 GN
BP-067 GN
BP-068 GN
BP-069 GN
BP-070 GN
BP-071 SK2
BP-072 SK2
BP-073 TG
BP-074 JM
BP-075 AL
BP-076 TF
BP-077 TF
BP-078 SK2
BP-079 SK2
BP-080 BS
BP-081 BS
BP-082 PL
BP-083 TD
BP-084 TD
BP-085 TD
BP-086 TD
BP-087 BS
BP-088 JC
BP-089 JC
BP-090 JC
BP-091 JC
BP-092 JC
BP-093 GJ
BP-094 GJ
BP-095 GJ
BP-096 GJ
BP-097 GJ
BP-098 DP
BP-099 DP
BP-100 DP
BP-101 DP
BP-102 TW
BP-103 TW
BP-104 SL
BP-105 SL
BP-106 BW
BP-107 BW
BP-108 BW
BP-109 BW
BP-110 BW
BP-111 BW
BP-112 BW
BP-113 BW
BP-114 BW
BP-115 BW
BP-116 NH
BP-117 NH
BP-118 NH
BP-119 NH
BP-120 SO
BP-121 SO
BP-122 SO
BP-123 SO
BP-124 CW
BP-125 CW
BP-126 CW
BP-127 CW
BP-128 CW
BP-129 CW
BP-130 CW
BP-131 CW
BP-132 CW
BP-133 CW
BP-134 KM
BP-135 KM
BP-136 KM
BP-137 KM
BP-138 JC
BP-139 TW
BP-140 TW
BP-141 TW
BP-142 TW
BP-143 TW
BP-144 TW
BP-145 TW
BP-146 TW
BP-147 TW
BP-148 TW
BP-149 TG
BP-150 TF
BP-151 TF
BP-152 JC
BP-153 SO
BP-154 SO
BP-155 CB
BP-156 CB
BP-157 DC
BP-158 DC
BP-159 DC
BP-160 DC
BP-161 DC
BP-162 DC
BP-163 DC
BP-164 DC
BP-165 DC
BP-166 DC
BP-167 DC
BP-168 DC
BP-169 DC
BP-170 DC
BP-171 DC
BP-172 DC
BP-173 DC
BP-174 DC
BP-175 DC
BP-176 DC
BP-177 EM
BP-178 EM
BP-179 EM
BP-180 EM
BP-181 EM
BP-182 AK
BP-183 TD
BP-184 TD
BP-185 TD
BP-186 TD
BP-187 RT
BP-188 RT
BP-189 RT
BP-190 RT
BP-191 MB
BP-192 MB
BP-193 MB
BP-194 MB
BP-195 ST
BP-196 ST
BP-197 ST
BP-198 ST
BP-199 ST
BP-200 ST
BP-201 ST
BP-202 ST
BP-203 ST
BP-204 ST
BP-205 SO
BP-206 JC
BP-207 JC
BP-208 JC
BP-209 JC
BP-210 JC
BP-211 SO
BP-212 PC
BP-213 PC
BP-214 PC
BP-215 PC
BP-216 PC
BP-217 JT
BP-218 JT
BP-219 JT
BP-220 JT
BP-221 CW
BP-222 CW
BP-223 CW
BP-224 CW
BP-225 CW
BP-226 SO
BP-227 SO
BP-228 OD
BP-229 TF
BP-230 TF

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Alright, per the 3rd party drawing service (totally unbiased)...

HUGE congrats to ticket #119, @TheJuggler (Neil) - these kites are going to Michigan!

To all... What can I even say... I hope I manage to show enough of myself that you know.

Thank you, lets keep making beautiful kitefliers together. 🙏

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