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Traveling to Houston


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Hey, I am headed to Houston TX April 27-22 with maybe with a jaunt to the gulf coast. Any quadheads in the area who would like to meet a traveler to fly? Any hints on where the good winds hide?


I will have to spend most of my time with family, but flying in a new state with new friends is always on the Todo list.






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21 hours ago, ACrop said:

You are 2.5 hours in which direction?

I'm in Austin.   I've made the trek out to Galveston's beaches (just beyond Houston) a few times, as well as out to the fledgling Texas City kite festival. 

The drive to Houston is long, but if it were a Saturday for a day of group flying with others, it would be worthwhile for me.

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I know a handful of kite flyers in Austin, but none in the Houston area. I'm sure they exist, since there are two inactive people on the Member Map, but they aren't plentiful.  When I traveled out to kite shows in their area most were SLK fliers. The only dual/quad pilots I met had also traveled to the site.

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