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This is from duals but it MIGHT relate. When doing roll up stuff I pull to early at times not fully engaging the roll ups. Still heavy handed especially in the higher winds. Pull to hard and I've got similar wear points on all my kites. The Tekkens are cut thru like that. The type of roll ups on Lams kites leave a catch point at the bottom. Flipping the kite there instead of engaged in the roll up has cut the LE.Lam said I've been collapsing the tunnels. End result is a cut.Lucky that it doesn't affect flight. Not knowing exactly where the lines are positioned and pulling to hard is my issue. My GUESS is you've hit that wear point on your kite many times. That may be a spot where people have added wear tabs when tweaking their Revs.JB type upgrade?

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Paul Dugard took on a mission of resurrection for me.  
Zen (#2 R/W/B) has seen Eliot Shook for repairs previously (too embarrassed to engage him again!) so my flying partner spent a few nights pulling stitches and replacing panels, saved my ole mylar backed nylon leading edge though HA!  Bitched about stuck together stuff with crazy glue, sail-tape (he HATES that stuff) and nail polish, End-caps temporarily held in place with zip-ties (which have sharp edges and slice the sail when stored tightly).  

New panels will not match the old ones, but who cares!

I'm excited to see the dead raised-up from the tomb.

I've no idea what this mission will cost, he's only said "less than a mortgage pymt" in jest

Add some knot covers, tighten the attachment points, new French bridle ready to install, sissy sticks and LEDs


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flew it this weekend/1st time, all repaired, replaced, realigned, totally fixed-up.  Paul Dugard did a great job of bringing this kite back to life after years of hard use (that and 3 other Zens rode that way!)  Eliot has had his hands on it too, but here's it's maiden voyage as a reminder of what this darn thing can do.

I unwrapped his efforts and slapped on a new "French" bridle, retied the magic stick truss lines, .... I so missed that killer glide available free!  Tested first on/or about 60 feet of 50# Skybond, then to 100#/fifty pound (tough conditions at Sandy Point State Park!)

It is now a lovely shade of ivory cream white with new bright blue-white panels next door and a new, tight trailing edge.  All the little stress cracks or wear points have been addressed, simply fabulous work for a very reasonable price. It's likes new kite to me



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On 4/8/2019 at 2:35 PM, Edmond Dragut said:

is happening especially in high winds.


High wind is not required for this. It happened for me (see image) after two years on my B-series std and I really prefer to reach for the mid vent when the wind picks up. OK, I suppose I got some “help” cutting through the dacron from the worn bridle line - only the core of the bridle line remains there. It could have happened earlier - didn't notice it until today.

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