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i used to kitsurf but now i'm into stunt kites.

At the risk of sounding stupid, how is it that some low wind kites like the prism 4D are small and yet many moderate to strong wind kites are bigger?

in kitesurfing the stronger the wind, the smaller the kite

Also, how does the body weight of the flyer (pilot ) affect the size of kite and the strength of flying lines?

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It's a bit confusing, but I'll try:

Most light wind kites are smaller to save weight. Most outdoor sails are in the 6'-7' range. You can still put very light rods in them and not overtax them. The 4D mentioned was also designed to be an indoor/outdoor kite, most all indoor kites are smaller.

Mid range sails tend to be bigger - 7'-8'. You will notice a change in sparring, now you see bigger tubes for framing. The larger sail captures more wind and depending on design, can be a trick kite or precision kite or a little of both.

High wind kites get smaller again, but keep the heavier sparring. They are very robustly built and because you have higher wind, don't need as much sail area as the medium wind kites.


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to give you the answer to the second question about lines i will add to Wayne this: the body weight of flier is important just if the kite is a powerful one ore is having a big wingspan and may drag the pilot. Lines are the ones who are make the difference in amount of dragging the kite may take and this is usually dictated by the wind conditions. all kites are having a low and a high wind tolerance, higher the wind stronger the lines. a second thing to take in consideration when you pick your line strength is the length of the lines. longer lines require usually more strength because you will encounter stronger wind on top of the wind window 


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