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Last year I had 4 rattlesnake encounters while flying. They're common here but it's always unsettling when running across them. April 20th was are first very warm day. Walking back from flying I noticed a alpaca down. She'd been bitten on her leg and didn't make it. Would have been 3 this summer and been bred for the first time. Big hit not to mention she's missed. Only large animal I've lost to a snake bite.Yesterday morning been flying for about a 1/2 hour. Girls were coming in for a drink when I watched one of last years crias fall. Got to her fast and found she'd been bitten just above her nostrils.IMG_20190506_181723547 - Edited.jpgIMG_20190506_181738463 - Edited.jpg.Lucky it was a bigger prairie rattler and not a baby or Midget Fade. Squeezed some of the venom out which I couldn't have done if it had been in the deep tissue of one of her legs. Vet did a good job but I didn't think she'd make it.There's no anti venom for camelids. Although pretty sick this morning and not out of the woods yet I think she will. Keep your eyes open folks. Not everything we encounter when flying is nice to hang out with.

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1 hour ago, Breezin said:

Keep your eyes open folks.

It's a reason flying with groups is good, and having a spotter is even better.

So far my worst experience was with fire ants, getting a bunch of stings on my leg. One blistered up to an enormous size and resulted in a doctor's visit, and my leg hurt for over a week, but it wasn't life threatening.

Good reminder to be aware of your surroundings, and not just looking up.

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One of my daughters had a round with fire ants. Not quite as bad but we had to take her to the doc too. With in a hour this morning her face swelled a lot more. Had to make a quick trip for more meds. Pressure is making her eyes bleed some. Got some salve in her eyes and gave her some more shots. Giving her till noon but it's looking like another trip to the vet for more IV. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Didn't have to take Trixy back to the vet. 3 final shots today and if she makes it to Friday she'll be good to go. Bouncing back really well and  confident she'll be fine. Eye medicine for the next week and there should be no issues there either. Last 2 weeks have kinda sucked. Then Rosy showed up this afternoonIMG_20190508_150341461_HDR - Edited.jpg 1/2 hour later giving it a heckuva tryIMG_20190508_150329836 - Edited.jpg .20 minutes later off she goes.Amazing IMG_20190508_153156610 - Edited.jpg Her left leg was turned. Took about 2 hours of manipulating it but once repositioned out she came with leg in good shape. Didn't think I whooped and hollered with relief that loud but the dogs got all excited so I guess I did. Out of position births aren't easy to deal with in alpacas. Guess this isn't really much about kites.All I do is play guitar, fly kites and watch alpaca fleece grow. Believe me it's not a bad life at all 😁!!! Guess you folks are just going to have to put up with my meanderings once in awhile.

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