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New here in the forum and definitely still a rookie in dual line stunt kite flying I dare to ask for a recommendation regarding light wind kites.

I started flying with a Prism Quantum, a really nice kite. But here in Central Mexico the wind normally is not that strong, so I also got me soon a Prism Zephyr and a Prism 4D.

My self evaluated skill level: No problem anymore to keep the kite in the air and flying in a controlled way, starts and landings work out in approx. 70% of the cases. At this moment I focus on learning stalls and snap stalls.

Also, I think can clearly recognize the difference in flying the Zephyr vs the Quantum, it feels much more controllable considering turns etc.

The 4D is also a great little kite, but as it is much more fragile I am way more concerned to damage it with my still limited skills compared to the Zephyr.

My question now: What would be a reasonable next / additional light wind kite that would be from his characteristics anywhere in between the Zephyr and the 4D? I refer in here to characteristics flying it in lighter winds but still not being so sophisticated and fragile that I will potentially break it immediately with my still limited skills. Also, to have more options in lighter winds, definitely to go further in my learning process but also just to get a step by step bigger collection of kites. It’s not really that I need it, but also that I want some more kites...!

As the Zephyr now is discontinued and a successor is still not available I am a little lost regarding options. One kite I was looking at is the HQ Shadow.

Any recommendations and tips are highly welcome.


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Hey,hey welcome. My first low wind trick kite was a Zephyr. Did learn how to keep it up in 1 to 2 mph. Took a lot of hours and below 3 couldn't do much but axle, axle to tip stand and turtle some. Lot of folks have had difficulty getting it up under 3 or 4 mph. I too live in a semi arid desert at fairly high altitude(6200'). That gives us a slight advantage in the low winds over lower elevations with high humidity. The Zephyr has 9 different adjustments plus 3 more you can do on the stand offs. That takes some time to learn. For the lowest setting I'd take out the tail weight. move the whiskers in and move the bridle ABOVE the top knot pinching the 2 lines togather. I don't think that's a designed setting but it works.I didn't have much success on the stock lines 4 mph and under. Use 50# x 50' to 80'. I'm not good on  50' and use 75' when winds are mostly below 3. Little higher or faster cycles from 0 to 3 I use a 120' set.Flew it a lot for several months. As I got better the constant need for adjustments in my rollercoaster winds got tiresome. Bought a 2nd hand Sky Sport Design(Lam) Tekken sul. First flight was like I'd known it my whole life. Kites rated 2 to 12 but handles gusts to 15 with ease. No adjustments needed on the Tekken and I flew the Z less and less so it's gone.Sounds like you're in the $200.00 US dollar range if you're looking at the Shadow. Heard it's a great kite but having a Dynamic LS could be a issue if broken living where you do. Some Dynamics are hard to find. Shadow is a D12. Few weeks ago I broke a DT12 and replaced it with a Skyshark 5pt. Called the builder to make sure it'd work properly.HQ makes some less expensive 2+ mph kites that are all 4 and 5 mm carbon framed which is cheap, easy to find. Really cheap in bulk from China. Living in a big city maybe the shorter lined urban/street kites might peak your interest. ITW Echo,Level One Amazing outdoor and the Kite Forge Kaiju for examples.From the skill set you've described the Zephyr and 4D still got a lot to teach you. Ya gotta be somewhat careful when researching kites. They're like dust bunnies suddenly appearing out of nowhere.At this stage if you're crazy enough to go by another(by golly I hope so :cat_evil:)the Cesium Continental was 2nd place to my newest sul.Close in price to the Shadow. I only know one place that's still selling new Shadows though.

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The Sky Burner Pro Dancer SUL will fly in 0mph. However, you need the skills to make that happen. If you have trouble keeping the Zephyr flying in 2mph, then the Pro Dancer won't be much help at 0mph, but you will be able to fly it at 2mph easily. It is, like the 4d, more fragile than other kites. There is no "perfect" kite, even though we are all always looking for it. Each is a compromise of weight, balance, speed, agility and other factors. The way to make things work as you want them to is to perfect your skills to the point where you and the wind move the kite together. There are three levels of flying a kite:

1. The kite flies you.

2. You fly the kite.

3. Both of you fly as one.

You'll know when you have achieved that 3rd level when it happens. For all of us that level is achieved intermittently; it is more of a mindset that incorporates a combination of many factors described as Zen. 

Have fun, smile a lot, and don't forget to breathe. You'll get there. We all started from the same point.

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