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Karma Drawing June 13th SD UL #11


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Hey Gang

The June prize for our lucky RNG winner is a Skysport Design's Sea Devil UL. It is #11 in ripstop polyester (PC31). The kite is in pristine condition and will provide many years of Aoxomoxoa.

Please indicate your desire to be entered in the drawing by posting "I am in."

Some rules and guidelines:

Don’t play unless you’re willing to put up a prize and ship it to whoever wins.

Shipping is paid by the original poster, the winner pays nothing. Be prepared to ship your prize anywhere in the lower 48 US States. Sorry, but due to shipping costs, we really have to limit this to the lower 48 US States.

RULE CHANGE (7/31/2014): Members from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii are welcome to enter the Karma drawings provided they are willing to pay half of the Karma prize shipping cost. The method and timing of the payment will be agreed upon between the two parties after the drawing for a particular prize.

You can choose the length of the giveaway, but keep it between 1 and 2 weeks.

Try to ship the prize promptly. You should be able to ship it within a week, but if you can’t, PM the winner and let them know. Sometimes life gets in the way! This whole thing works on the honor system so if there are any problems shipping or receiving a prize, it needs to be worked out between the two parties. Don’t forget…Karma!

This isn’t a competition, but feel free to be generous! If you can only put up a hat, or a tail for a stunt kite, great! If you have something in your kite bag that you never fly and would be willing to ship, that’s great too. Either way, the people that join to win it will appreciate it.

When you receive your prize, post a thank you to the thread where you won it.  

The thread will be locked after that point so the new **KARMA** stays above it.

Good luck, and have fun! 

Andrew (cerfvoliste) 




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I apologize if this is out of line but I must withdraw. Have no need for a Lam standard at this time.Been wanting a UL/light of his really bad since I started flying. The only kite I could reciprocate such a prize with is my BMK Mongoose. That seemed okay cause I really, really want a new BMK Mamba. After much thought and flying my need is still Lams Gravity II. Winning would upset the balance in my quiver that I've spent hours putting together.Until I actually get to fly the newest Mamba I THINK it would be very close to my Steve Tapp sewn Widow Maker Pro.Have I ever posted how much I love my Mongoose. Oh yeah EVERY time cause it's my avatar. Be a HUGE,HUGE mistake to let it go because of wants.Dang it's hard hitting that submit button. Lams kites are the Schnizzle.

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7 hours ago, Breezin said:

 Have no need for a Lam standard at this time.Been wanting a UL/light of his really bad since I started flying.

OOPS that is misleading.Yes I do understand. Having Sky Sport Designs vented and 2 SULs their ability and overlapping wind range make the UL and standard the most serious of wants not needs.Really, really want that Sea Devil . Took me 2 days before I posted to withdraw 😧. Guess the whole point of this karma thing is a chance for all to experience something different and have some fun on the forum.Now given more time sigh I'll stay IN. Man if I win that'll blow kite plans apart. AGAIN.

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Wow ! I am totally jacked to get a Devil that I haven't flown yet... I have a standard and SUL, and I let my light go (bad move).

Now for the hard decision of what to put up for the next drawing...

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