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How and why do you choose your choreography moves?

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There are a bunch of people I watch, Paul is one of them.  Some people post on facebook to groups like the Djinn owner's group, quad line kite groups, Rev's group, etc.  Random people also post videos from kite festivals, I watch those as well.

Plus there are years of videos here on the forum, many winning (and non-winning) routines spanning decades. People went through the effort to convert the old VHS videos over, they're good to watch for ideas.

There are a lot of amazing demo fliers out there.  I want to reach the point that when I go to events, I can be on the other side of the ropes.  That's happened at a few casual events, but I'd like more.

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Watched a 16 minute video of yours and enjoyed every second of it. Maybe I've watched to many videos but I saw pop and flair. Most importantly to me I saw smoothness and rhythm that's you. 1,2,3 etc timing was the most apparent. Me thinks perhaps you are not aware of the dance in thine own feet O gallant flier :cat_evil:.You have diligently practiced steps 1,2,3. You've diligently tied that to song. You study and try to emulate what you see in others. Still you do not have what you seek.Now after much excellent advice on performance you are on another well thought out plan of 1,2,3 etc. You will not find what you seek. The wind has no beat EVER. It flows.You say because you use most, the analytical side of thought creativity frustratingly eludes you. If you could ONLY use the creative RIGHT side more. Well guess what the right is intuitive not creative. Creativity comes from a blending of both sides. Is not the James Webb Space Telescope going to be THE most astounding thing ever to be experienced/shared by anyone who wants to on the planet.Created by a bunch of left sided nerds? Nope nerds using both sides.Analytical minds have mapped/measured the firing  in our brains but that does not tell the whole story. Think about this from differing points of view then decide for yourself. Intuitively I know without a doubt we can travel to the next galaxy in less time then it takes to drive across Australia. Get your hands all wet and soppy (not soapy)then squeeze the soap. Proton accelerator kinda thing. Ride the light. Inside the bubble (bar of soap) the instant acceleration to light speed is not felt. Exponentiate light speed to the 10th power. Ah but light speed is not constant. Doesn't matter if one believes it is or not we're using the matter that makes up light. Jet boat still works whether in salt or freshwater. At those speeds as long as encountered mass does not exceed the crafts it will pass around like your hand interacts with the soap. A 300' x 45' object passing through our atmosphere at that speed would maybe make a flying bird wobble just a bit and perhaps blink.The grain of sand that would destroy our present technology aids in acceleration and control. Star Treks warp drive? Not hardly.That thought uses fuel. Nerds of the world please build it.I can drive it. I want to go to Mars and fly my kite a bit during afternoon tea.Now think about earth, wind, fire and water. The Elementals.  Ah ah the analytical minds say. Mythological mumbo jumbo and ya probably believe in wizards too. Ahhh I say then remain stupid with all your education. Let's go grab a fifth of scotch and have a great debate for the next 6 hours(split between 2 people in 4 hours makes EVERYONE stoopid) on why I'm the stupid one. It's great, great fun. Can't give you proofs for analytical thought but here goes SOMETHING. Carbon based life is made of earth, wind,fire and water. Chaos theories "butterfly flapping its wings "leads to the thought breathing would have such an effect too. Wind. 7 extinction events that we know of. What has slipped back into the furnace? The constant that we know was here is the Elementals.Now describe them. Not map/measure describe. You Can't.One can come close but the closest have always been poets .They are alive and THERE ARE ONLY 4. It's the same earth,wind,fire,water anywhere on this planet. Even in carbon based life. The vapor in your breath given enough time will flow to the sea and land on a mountaintop.Intuitively and analytically we know that. When we encounter that recognition of self whether it's surfing, snow skiing or running the whitewater while interacting with a Elemental something happens outside of ourselves . The Elemental in turn recognizes us for a brief span of time and we dance.It is beyond joy or the zone and becomes awe,maybe even terror. It is not humane and none of the 4 care about you AT ALL! EVER!!!.To them you just are. Humbling to say the least.It happens in music because a vibration in the wind travels to the ear.No wind dude the air is still. Really? Were you breathing when you said that? Music is a huge part of my life and I TRY to create something new everyday.Most times it's putting together structure that is pleasing to me.Sometimes I catch the IT factor and things just flow. The buzz afterwards can at times last for days.11/17 I got my 1st kite. In January walking back from the field I was just blown away.I'd become a flier on a production kite with way less skills than I thought were needed.I posted it on GWTW.Knew I'd love kiting but never expected(hoped though) to find the IT.Enjoyed a lot of things but the only times I'd ever experienced the IT was going beyond the zone playing music. Music allowed me to recognize way early in kiting that which I now like in music pursue. Like music kiting  is best when shared. Pretty dang keen thing for me.The dance is already in you cause I've seen it. Until you recognize/acknowledge it in YOUR way you nor anyone will become a level 9 or 10 flier.One will always copy or emulate with brief flashes that just make them enjoy the heck out of something but their nirvana may be so fleeting it's not truly felt nor pursued.They are as happy as clams right there and everyone around them benefits.Some excel extremely well. Doubt though even level 8 could be attained. #1priority to experience the nirvana of 9 or 10 in any skill is these 3 things. Practice,practice,practice. The 4th is love to practice.You've got the practice stuff and the joy in spades as far as I can tell.Course I could be totally wrong about everything I just said but I had a good blather.Maybe I'll get lucky. Someone will tell me to hush and go fly a kite.

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