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slk winder review

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Safety:  Never stick your fingers into the holes in the wire frame.  You could get pinched between the frame and the part that holds the little wheel.

Easy of winding:  Excellent.

Capacity:  If you need more line than this can hold, you are probably flying higher than is legal.  So it's good.  I am using 300 lb Dacron.

Durability:  It seems pretty hard to break.

Lock:  It locks.  It takes a bit of force to operate the lock.  That is good when unlocking but bad when locking.

Weight:  It's pretty heavy.  But if you're strong enough to handle a big kite, it will work fine.  You might not want to bring it if it's more than 5 km walk.

Ratchet:  None.

Price:  Cheap for a winder.

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One of the simplest designs I've ever found, and if you are careful, you can make more and use the handles on all! The handles move to 3 positions, both centered, one offset, both offset. No brake, no bearing to wear or get sand in. Had mine  for nearly 30 years ....

From Into the Wind and many other shops - https://intothewind.com/kites/accessories/kite-line-reels/windbreaker-kite-line-reel.html

Windbreaker Kite Line Reel

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