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Tape or glue for Rev handles?

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I have a set of Rev handles with the softer foam that got really wet and the adhesive tape lost it's grip and never re-adhered when they dried. Is this tape similar to golf grip tape? Wet and slide on. Can you use gorilla glue or will that mess up the grips? Buy some tennis racket/ road bike wrap. I have some cork grips, but they need some shaping.

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42 minutes ago, khsidekick said:

His is north of long beach in Ocean Shores. Theresa no longer has a brick and mortar shop. Two weekends I’m sure she will be in Lincoln City for the kite festival



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Thats to bad. I bought some end caps from her at the Lincoln City indoor a while back. I'll find her at the Lincoln City summer fest. I 'll  be at quad clinic this weekend. And at Lincoln city the next weekend  

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You can reglue the foam, just make sure the glue won't eat up the foam. Make sure to mark them so you get both sides even.

If you decide to get new handles, I recommend getting snagless ones. They eliminate the ring on them. Great for team flying, plus they remove another moving part that you really don't need.

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I've reglued a set of handles using "contact cement" but I'm not sure what it is known as in the US. Stuff you put on both surfaces and leave till tack dry. Then assemble to marks. Still holding up to my abuse.

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