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Hello, I am new to quad kites.  I was first introduced to quads when I worked with Riffclown and he allowed me to crash his kite on a hill side. 

I recently bought -

Red/White/Blue Vertigo Standard Quad Line Kite 7930 RWB      
Frielien 90-lb Quadline Set with Quad Handles 1670      

from www.intothewind.com.

I went for my first test flight yesterday and failed miserably.  I spent more time untangling lines and setting the kite up for launch than I did flying it.  Riffclown suggested I get some 35' lines to learn and then move to the 85' that I bought.

I would like to make some lines, does anyone know of a shop in Saint Louis MO that sells quality line?

What line would you suggest, LPG or Skybond?

Is there anyone in the Saint Louis MO /  Collinsville / Edwardsville area, that would like to connect and fly together, or rather watch me crash and tell me what I am doing wrong.


Thanks stickerbush1970


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First, You did fine for a first outing. Everything comes with experience.  Start with the basics, take off and instantly land. Flip the kite and repeat.

Either Skybond OR Laser Pro Gold would be a great choice. Making your own lines is easy with a sleeving tool, some sleeving and JB's line equalization video. Let me check my bag, I may have an older set I can slide your way to learn on..


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@stickerbush1970  You know me much better than that. I never stop working.

A Guitar string folded in half is the simplest Sleeving tool.  You can buy sleeving just about anywhere. I use Muzzy Extreme bow fishing line or I pull the core out of Bridle line and use the sleeve from that..



A Sprint Sleeving kit is a tool and some sleeving.. (A guitar string is just as good.)


One trick that might serve you well. Get a Skybond Dual set  just over twice the length you want, chop in half and sleeve for a quad set. A 75' dual set chopped in half will easily yield a 35' quad set.





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Hi, stickerbush. Keep an eye out for festivals in Illinois and the surrounding states. There will be many of them this summer. There's usually someone flying a quad and more often there are several folks. There's at least a dozen quad flyers in northeast Illinois and a few more nearby.

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3 hours ago, stickerbush1970 said:

I went for my first test flight yesterday and failed miserably.  I spent more time untangling lines and setting the kite up for launch than I did flying it.

Learning is fun. ;)

What you described is typical for everyone who is trying to figure it out on their own.  Watch lots of videos, tutorials, and guides.  Learn about line management and how to wind/unwind your lines consistently.  When you follow a working system all that is required is walking the lines out and picking up the handles, they're ready to fly. When something goes wrong, you may have hundreds of twists, or worst of all, a huge number of loops and knots that need to be picked out individually.

I was on my own, following whatever materials I could get my hands on. I know the frustration well.  I desperately want to fly with others, and even today will occasionally travel hundreds of miles to fly with someone.

It looks like you have people relatively close, take advantage of that.  An single hour with a skilled guide can be worth many days worth of trial-and-error learning, especially when just beginning.

3 hours ago, stickerbush1970 said:

What line would you suggest, LPG or Skybond?

Both are great.  Parallel, for a cola would you suggest either Pepsi or Coke? There are small differences but nothing that will matter for now.  When you have a lot of experience and try a variety of lines you may develop a preference, but the differences are slight and nuanced.

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7 hours ago, stickerbush1970 said:

I appreciate the offer, but I would be able to justify driving 2 hours to fly quads, I was looking for someone closer to the area I live in.

Where do you live? I have driven 200 miles to various kite fests for a single day of flying. You're going to need better excuses, and no, a broken leg isn't good enough, just so you know. 🙂

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the misses needs to "buy in" to your new hobby/life's mission also.  I will make things much easier in the future!  You can learn together, knowing full well it might take one of you an hour and the other fourteen months to get to a stationary hover.

Imagine you must land on top of a trash can's lid, with each wing tip as well as each upright and inverted too.  You are one of us when the trash can is removed and soda pop can take it's place.

The whole darn QUAD-LINED thing is about one word,...... "control".

Thousands of hours of laughter & smiling await you two, together a formidable pairs group will emerge hopefully!  Enjoy that spousal journey, I am envious, my bride likes the fancy single liners and those show kite fliers, cares not a bit about the sport kites.  She runs our household budget, asking me to pay for something isn't reasonable (daily allowance, not weekly or by the month, oh NO), she gets my pay check and I need her permission for travel funds or a new whatever it is.  I've been "on the road" for over two decades doing festivals and own about 60 quads currently.  We spend ten times as much to go fly 'em with friends, compared to what we do on acquisitions too!

We bought a home based upon a great shed under the deck, a walk-out basement & fenced yard full of landscaping not grass, perfect for kiters who are never home or have dirty laundry!

Go fly with someone/coach/buddy, it will allow you to try theirs and them yours, feel each other's settings and tuning, flight dynamics of framing and sail choices. Explore different line lengths options, bring the misses along, get lunch for her and make it a great day (for HER) this will pay long term dividends, save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours ,most frustrated.  A coach can look at you flying, touch it themselves and offer instant helpful encouragement.  Correcting serious flaws before they multiply like an invasive species!

Doing it next to someone else helps you both, they are forced to explain it in such a manner that you can grasp the principles.  Each student is different and reaching them is a key aspect of success.  What buttons work on them?  Showing it and explain it (whatever it happens to be) is so much more helpful live instead of on a screen.  You both benefit from the interaction.

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So yesterday me and the wife went to the park and I tried to crash my kite again, well i didn't try I did.   But thanks to my wife she was able to be right there and flip it over.  It was strange I could get it to go up, but then it would take a left or right and come crashing down.

and so it started to rain and I packed up and went home. 

I started to think that I was always applying to much brake and that's what was causing it to come crashing down.

I ordered some string and sleeves from www.thekiteshoppe.com and it came in today.  I mis-ordered the sleeves, not thinking about how many sleeves I would need, so when I realized this, I called the shop and ordered some more.

I had a good conversation with the lady and explained to her what was going on, she told me that it sounded like the line lengths were mis-matched - I never thought to check them.

Sure as it can be the lines were way off, anywhere from 1/2, 1 inch, to 2 inches.

I re-equalized all the lines and will be going out tomorrow to see if I can crash it again.

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