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2019 WSIKF Quad Field RSVPs

John Barresi

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Alright my friends, official roll call... I need to track all incoming pilots both for the festival’s records and for planning / communication pertaining to ALL quad field activity at WSIKF 2019, including but not limited to the world record attempts - please fill out the form! ✌️ 


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My work is talking about possibly flying me out to Seattle the second week of August.   Just a hop, skip, and four hour drive away the week before the festival, so I could make flying cross-country contingent on a week off.  Right now the odds of traveling are fairly low (probably 25% chance) but that's better than the 0% chance I was expecting for watching from Texas.

I don't see an option for a "maybe" on the form. Should I sign up so I can get the information as it comes out, or wait until firmer travel decisions? 

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