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Hello @Buellbloke,

Welcome to KiteLife®!

Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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Hi thanx for having me B)

Have come via obtaining a Peter Powell Stunter a Mk3 March this year 2019 after owning one in the mid 1970's. Shortly after a Radsails Quad 2.4 foil arrived via the sale of a kayak. I then purchased a Skydog Delta the Freebird having never tried one of these either. Soaked up a ton of youtube videos and spotted John Barresi doing a medley and thought wow what a strange looking kite. Saw the dodgy looking Rev video of some guy dive bombing a child, thought wow and madness at the same time.

So everyone's just about moved over to the Kitelife forum the Rev one is like a graveyard. The login is also bugged over there, there is almost a similar issue here but once you realise your login is not your email address but your username it resolves itself, unlike the Rev one which does not.

So anyway I was on the verge of buying a Rev Reflex eX eX from a local distributor who had some orange ones on special as couldn't at the time afford the full normal priced ones they sold. He went and sold out the week before I had the wonga :o A friend from another UK Kite facebook group mentioned a person who made Quads in the UK and maybe I should give them a shout. Long story shorter I bought this Quad. First flight was pretty good, decent south westerly breeze using Vector 120ft lines it came with, lots of swoopy swoopy, the odd hover here and there, landing normal, landing inverted and re launch. Loops, one successful dive stop after several pulls instead of pushes. A happy bunny :rolleyes:

Second flight winds were rough northerly's using a recently acquired Lazer pro gold 120ft lineset, donated by Jez Wharton and very gratefully accepted by me. I cut them down to 80's with his full knowledge to match the sets that are generally supplied with Revs as standard. I believe these were Jez team lines from his sessions with Team Fracture who he had recently retired from. Practised my hovers and dive stops though more just as stops every time looked like kite might go down. Girlfriend was struggling to untangle the 1.8 HQ foil we just obtained for her lad. Them dual line foils are wicked hard to re launch in anything but decent winds. I landed the quad staked the handles and went over to help. Big mistake kite was landed but not proper parked, no sooner had I left it than it went into a violent spin and trashed a leading edge end spar. A few days later I'd bought another Skyshark Competition Tube and noticed that my entire leading edge was unbranded carbon, 7.5mm as opposed to the Skysharks 7mm. The verticals are Skyshark and the Quad was sold under the premise that it had a Skyshark frame. Regardless was a pretty violent spin.

Third and final flight lent the Quad to a mate, you know the type, don't need instruction, never watched videos, a natural who couldn't fly it for toffees. He reckoned it would only spin in one direction, I took back the handles and span it back the other way he reckoned it wouldn't spin lol He said the kites not for him, well that was pretty obvious lol I then attempted several dive stops then land inverted, only couldn't get my head around the move. Each time the kite turned out of the stop to re launch, finally I fought with it and sent it into another frantic ground spin. I recovered it only to watch the wing drop moments later as the opposite spar to the last one took the glued in centre peg out of the strut and through it. I will add that noticed one of the genuine Skyshark verticals had been repaired with an inserted carbon tube. So along with the trashed leading edge centre and one outer I obtained another vertical from the kites creator, re assembled the kite and sold it on. During all this Joe Hadzicki contacted me, guy is an awesome salesman where his kites are concerned B) with an offer and Lolly Hadzicki finalised all the details, as well as helping me with colours and gaining entry to the Rev forum, she's such a sweety. Am getting a custom Std RX. I want to try Reflex as opposed to a Flat Rev, see what the differences are like plus get a Quad with a decent well made hand wrapped frame. My Skyshark tubes worked fine I only trashed the unbranded stuff.  Was my original plan all along to get myself a Rev and at first I thought that meant the eX eX and although I got sidetracked, I learnt a few valuable lessons. That landing inverted and park is a crucial first thing to learn. I changed my mind about an eX eX as its a stand alone Quad, designed to be primarily Reflex only. I like that the RX is a B series quad and that Reflex can be turned off and the kite can revert back to its original design if I so choose it to be. Regards Paul

R.W.B. Black tips.jpg

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22 hours ago, Buellbloke said:

If people only read this stuff on their phones my post must seem epic lol

I'm on PC, but I can imagine it on a phone. But it's ok -- it paraphrases a lot of the stuff we have all gone through and serves to tighten the bond among members of the community by reminding us of shared experiences. It's all good.

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