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AAMI Park, Melbourne, Australia: Ever wondered what it is like at the top of a rugby goal?

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Beginners:  Please, the area where these shots were taken (Goschs Paddock) is not suitable for beginners to fly kites.  Hazards include the usual pedestrians, bicycles, and cars but also trains, trams, and professional athletes.  Flying a kite safely in this area requires knowledge of weather, kite handling, and local conditions.

You can also see a bit of the Melbourne Cricket Ground to the right in the second photo.

It turns out rugby goals are hollow at the top.  Or at least this one is.




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I hate to burst your bubble, but the goal posts are hollow pretty much their entire length.

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Yes, you spotted somebody who knows nothing about any kind of ball.
Saw the state of origin just before... Not much of a rugby fan. Melbourne has some great buildings to capture, both old and new.

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