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High, new to this site. I am an avid kite flyer, own a bunch of them and I write about them too. 

Catch Some Wind!

I need to ask something of the members here, anyone know where I can acquire a kite that was sold some years ago?

It is a big Yellow Guitar  inflatable kite with a white windsock tail. The tail has musical notes on it. Rascal kites has it on their website, but I don't know those folks. 





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It was a Martin Blias designed kite. Chris at Kitty Hawk Kites told me that it is no longer available at the retail level and has not been for some time. We also discussed the danger of the Rascal Kites site, it is an orphan that still takes money so be careful. 

I was given a good some money for my birthday to buy a sizable kite if I want it. Narrowing it down is hard. The guitar appealed to me for a particular purpose, I live in Galax Va and guitar picking is a very big thing around here, as is fiddle playing. Its too bad, but I will have to choose another eye catching single line kite. Something designed by George Peters maybe? I am partial to his large  Hawk Moth Delta, which has a very good price, or a Hoffman kite. Any suggestions?

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