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Reframing for travel

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I have a couple old favorites that don't get to travel with me because of the single-piece pultruded leading edges; namely the R-Sky Frenezy and Krystal FX.  I'd like to either replace the leading edges or completely reframe them.  The important thing, of course, is to not negatively effect performance ... improving it would be totally OK, though!

Cutting the 6mm LE and adding an aluminum ferule is an option.  It's a boring option, but an option. 😁

I believe the KFX came in an Icone framed version.  Did it ever come in a full Skyshark version that could be replicated?

The confusing thing to me as I've researched options is that people always talk about Skyshark PXXX kites being stiffer than 6mm Structil versions.  Everything I can find shows the P300 and 6mm Structil are basically the same stiffness.  You rarely see P400 or 7PT outside of vented kites, so I don't see how Skyshark framed version are subjectively stiffer.  Maybe it's a "dynamic" stiffness versus "static" stiffness thing?  (You can save some grams, but that also means less mass for rotation based tricks ... more confusion.)


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