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John Barresi

Shoreline Quad Team Clinic (Oct 19-20, 2019)

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Join John Barresi for two full days of quad TEAM instruction at Shoreline Park (roughly an hour from San Francisco CA) on October 19-20, 2019... We'll be covering everything from absolute basics (pure beginner team flying) all the way up through advanced techniques and
maneuvers, all proven to help your skills along much quicker while having a ton of fun at the same time in a very forgiving environment.



Exact location:


Sign up link:



Ideal choice of equipment for this class is any model of Revolution 1.5 (includes EXP, SLE, B-Series, printed specials, etc) or similar "1.5 platform" models (like Djinn, Phoenix, Freilein, Los Hermanos, etc) - we'll go through painless equipment set up, good tuning and all aspects of flight - the goal here is to demystify quad flying and set you up to win. 

You'll need to also have at least one quality 120' set of lines in your bag, this is the standard length for team flying.

Registration is $150 per person ($125 for KiteLife Subscribers) and includes full access to the clinic on both days (10a-4p)... Please note, there are ONLY 16 SPOTS left available and we expect them to fill up very quickly.

We start at 10AM on Saturday morning, hope to see you there!

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Currently registered:

  1. Clay Murray
  2. Jim Doman
  3. Brad Walden
  4. Carolynn Walden
  5. Fred Wee
  6. Mark Quirmbach
  7. Norm Jordan
  8. Brandon Hiett
  9. CJ Ramos
  10. Steve Lewis


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