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Trouble rigging my new bar...

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I was wondering if anyone knows of an online diagram that shows how the lines should be attached from a four line control bar to the kite. I am used to flying with quad handles, and recently got a bar to try. I was able to get the kite to fly, but controlling it was not easy. I almost feel like I have the brake lines and the flying lines mixed up. Probably did, but I had no documentation, and grew so frustrated in the field that I just put the quad handles back on to save a little fun for the day.



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Progcraft is correct and that is the "normal" way a kite is rigged with a bar....

But, there are some exceptions. If your kite is not really designed to be flown with a bar then it may need to be rigged differently. For instance, the Ozone Fury and Samurai work better with the trailing edge lines hooked together at the center point of your bar and the leading edge lines attached to the outside of the bar. The Ozone bar also has a small pully and line attached at the center of the bar for the brake lines to slide through, which helps increase the turning of the kite. Now the Ozone Frenzy is rigged the "Normal" way with the leading edge lines running to the center.

If your kite is like a traditional quad line foil kite then you may find that hooking the trailing edge lines to the center of your bar may give you better control. We have found that the Peter Lynn Rebble / Pepper, the HQ Beamer, Ozone Samurai / Fury / Riot, PKD Buster / Century, Prism Stylus all work better with the trailing edge lines attached to the center of the bar. If you can add in a pully then you may find that it will also help a lot with the steering and control. A really nice thing about this setup is that you can attach a single line leash to the center lines up where your brake lines attach and when you drop the bar or engage your safety release, the brake lines go taught and it kills the kite quite nicely.

We carry the Ozone quad line bar and it comes complete with leash, power adjuster strap, fixed loop with quick release, and pully; and have adapted it to quite a few kites with great results.

I would recommend that you try hooking up your trailing edge lines to the center attachment point and see if that works better for you. Any experiements you do should be done in light winds with the proper safety equipment in place until you are positive that it will work ok.

Hope this helps!

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I am glad that it can be done both ways, because in my mind I could see it working both ways. It made sense to have the flying lines on the outside, but I could see that turning response would be slower. I was trying to fly with the flying lines to the center, and the brake lines to the outside, and getting the kite adjusted proved next to impossible. Every time I would try to turn, I would kill the kite, providing I got it up more than 20' to begin with.

Thanks for your input, I will get out there and experiment some more....


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