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After seeing the purple framed in black I went back to the colorizer for a revisit and came up with this.

Using Silver, Grape, Old Grape, Purple and Plum for the color progression. I was going to use the Wine color in the mix but it is more red than purple and kind of detracted from the overall look.


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The middle section has been merged. Piecing the black together was a challenge since it was harder to see the edges..Still oversized with excess to work with before it's all done but ready to sew the sail at this point.


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I'm willing to admit when I got something wrong. During the test flight today I discovered I have a slight pucker in the fabric near the leading edge on one side.. It changes the glide on this sail drastically.. My first attempt to catch it curved to the side sailed over my head significantly. The sail flies great but isn't quite balanced and when the lines go slack it has a mind of its own. It's not something I'd accept from a manufacturer and therefore not something I'd accept from me.   I'll be disassembling that portion of the LE junction and correcting my error.  Should simply be a matter of pulling out that segment of stitching, aligning properly and restitching it.  This also explains why I test fly every sail I make, whether it's for me or for someone else.






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