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UL Vs STANDARD dual line kites

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I see a lot of the low end is only 1-2mph less on UL vs Standard kites and the top range from most is 5-10mph more on the standards, after flying a maestro 2 standard kite in 15-20mph and 22mph sustained winds and gusts over 25mph it wasn’t even fun just dragged me all over the place. So even with my standard kites I wouldn’t even want to fly them over 15-18mph anyway so why not just use UL kites and tune them for for higher wind conditions if necessary? Looking to purchase a new kite that has a UL and STD option also my local kite shop is online only so I am unable to test either option



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ULs don't have the momentum to trick well in windy conditions.  I would fly a UL up to about 6 mph and a standard no higher than 12 mph.

There are obviously others on the forum here who have a different opinion of top end wind speeds, but I see no joy in trick flying if you can't consistently fly the tricks you wnat to fly.

I fly mostly standards and haven't found a kite where I like both the standard and the UL, so won't be making any recommendations.




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