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I am interested in experimenting with Dog Stake Quadline Flying.  What is the currently preferred rig for this?  I have read an informative post from Paul LaMasters from several years ago with a design plan posted but the part numbers no longer seem available.  I have also been looking for diamond polished SiC fishing guides that might be similar to what was used in that design but I am coming up empty.

What do those of you who fly Dog Stake use?


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I am most of the way there!


Thanks to my beloved Kaela, a Keeshond, who left this to me when she passed several years ago along with many fond memories.  I throw nothing away. 😥 😀

Since I posted my question I have discovered multiple posts regarding Dog Staking both on KiteLife as well as an interview with John on "kite-and-friends" and have seen the fabulous rig that John designed as well as its evolution.  Thanks for the pictures and the video from Jeremy that were recently posted.  Very inspiring!

link to interview here:


In the absence of being able to purchase a very rare piece of gear, I am “In Deep” with ideas to make a rig of my own, compelled to try the Dog Stake Experience!  If I am successful I will share my design.  I am trying to keep my project in reach of those who have access to common household machining tools, a drill press is the most advanced tool.  And I am trying to keep the material cost below $100. 

One of my primary goals is to try this without causing damage to my lines.  And of course, make something that works.  It may not be pretty though. But at 60' and your kite flying right with you, you may just forget about how it looks... or forget about that it is there altogether.

Thank you both for responding to my inquiry and I may have a few more questions as I proceed. 

Best Regards,


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