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Skydog Thunderstruck first flight impression.

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I don't see much info out there about this kite so I thought I would post some observations.

I used the 85' x 100# skybond line. Had a steady wind of about 12 mph.

The kite is smooth, quiet, doesn't pull hard, and is fairly precise or predictable, and takes a beating pretty good. I was just carving turns, and this kite is good for that type of flying. I like the kite and think it is fun to fly. I do think my Widow NG, and Prism E2 are both more fun to fly than the thunderstruck, and seem more razor sharp on response and better for patterns and figures.

Both me and my woman liked the thunderstruck, and thought it was a fun and smooth kite to fly. I wanted more precision, and switched to my E2 after about an hour.

Curious how the HQ Ion, and Limbo 2 compare to the thunderstruck for precision.


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