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damn those tangled lines!

Jo Davies

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dump the sleeving entirely, I've been flying quads pretty hard-core now for 13-14 years, never had a line break except when crossing the single line flier's tristed cotton thread (HA!)

W/o the sleeving you find much less tangling problems arise, during set-up, slack line flying stuff or putting your equipment away.

I wind onto the handles, but under tension! When setting up again unwind under tension, separate the handles as widely as possible and all the twists go right to the stake. Identify top and bottom lines with Sharpie Pens of different colors.

For added quality control use the stake and insure you have all four lines exactly equal lengths on the handles.

No sleeving makes line lengths extemely easy to adjust, just add a single overhand knot to the longer line, or even tune with the leaders on your handles. (only if you don't use 'em with anything else though)

Try the TC Ultra handles, the winders are built right in there.

I fly on 90# laserpro almost all of the time, indoors or outside. I switch to 150 pound when the wind is above 30 mph. Laserpro has a higher/stiffer modulus, it doesn't pick-up ground litter as easily as other lines. Berry blue use to snag every little piece of grass, twig, or leaf!

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this might souns stupid to most of you vetran kite fliers but i actually wind my lines on seprate winders 2 lines on each one this has been the only way ive ever known to have a successful time winding and un winding quad lines it doesnt take any more time then putting them all on 1 winder ive flown with other fliers that thought (what kind of setup is that) but ive done it for years and ive never had a problem with it so i guess everyone has a routine they follow

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I've always done that too! 2 lines on seprate winders. Until my last time out that is. I tried the four on one and it worked just fine with no tangles at all and it does seem quicker to only have to walk the lines out once. To each there own I say!

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Since I'm still a quad-flying infant I wind the top lines around one winder and the bottom around another. I might make some better winders as the ordindary ones don't have deep enough vees in either side to securely hold the line without the chance of it slipping off and tangling. This is especially true of the lines for my foil as they're so much bulkier and have already slipped off once. I'll have to dig some of that sheet ali out of my shed 'n get busy :)

Regarding untangling, what has been said already I totally agree with, dont pull tangles, chast the knots and undo them.

Oh, and never untangle if at all stressed or in a bad mood, you will end up in an argument with something/body or breaking your knuckles on a hard surface :blue_wink::blue-cool::blushing:

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I don't think I set a very good example with lines.

If I took the time to put my lines away correctly, I'd put the first set of line, with end loops larks headed together through the hole in my winder and then connect it to the top. The second set comes through the hole from the other direction and is connected. Winding tight is important and here's where I go wrong. Wrapping a rubber band or bundgee around the lines and handles to hold them on spot. In real life I rarely secure the lines and handles. My lines usually bounce and swing and wrap around with the handles on and it's still not to bad of a mess..... unless line comes off, or it tangles with other line.

Ouch... broken knuckls? Ouch! Take out your aggressions in the sky. :)



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