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No buzzing/vibration here....except for the buzz of flying and the good vibes.... Don't know how old my NYM is as I bought it off the old GWTW site just before it shut down. The kite was virtually unflown when I purchased it, and I've flown it a bunch. Nice kite.....w/green race btw....

As with any Rev though, any trailing edge buzzing is the bottom bungee's stretching, so ya just tighten them up.


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BUT, do NOT push the "down spars" above the leading edge!  Make sure you tighten the tops first, maybe even retying those elastic knots, .... then and only then, you can address the tensioning on the bottoms' elastic

All quads vibrate along the trailing edge if you go fast enough forward and also provide some slack to the brake lines too, add some "Down" and see if it quiets itself out (most of the time).

Example when you'd want it loud?  How about a powerful dive-stop? Screaming down and slapping on the brakes an inch above the ground to a full and complete dead stop.  I'd want you to notice me!!!!

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Just about all kites will " buzz " when driven hard.

 I suspect that as a newbie you might be flying with a lot of drive and new leaders with multiple adjustments would help, see other posts.

Do you have anybody you could hook up with for hands on advice ?

When wrapping up your kite try to ensure the trailing edge does not fold over as this can cause a crease that will fly out but can also add to the noise !

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2 hours ago, Zuul said:

Well, what I’ve read about isn’t considered normal buzz from the trailing edge. Here is a post by JB.  Several others have similar experiences if you read down in that thread:

NYM Discussion

I was considering buying one and that’s why I was curious if the issue was resolved in production as time went on.

I have one and mine doesn't. I bought it when they first came out. Some buzz, some don't and so far I don't think anyone has figured out why. I have flown other people's from the IKE club and none of them buzzed. It might be worth finding one that does just to have it. Other than that, it's a full-sail Rev. I think it was only the full-sail that buzzed, not the vented ones, but I don't recall.

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