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Came across this video on Y.T.


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15 minutes ago, Cot51stState said:

Thanks for the link. I knew the story, but had never seen that video. My first set of stunt kites was a six pack of Rainbow Kite Company diamonds that I picked up from an outlet toy store. Rick Kligman of Klig's Kites happened upon me on the beach when I was struggling to learn to fly them. He told me of the accident and the closing of the company. Suggested I never part with them because they will become a part of kiting history. 

Oh wow! That's cool. Yeah, I'd keep them for sure. If not, contact me. Lol.

It's interesting because I was flying a 50 dollar dual line kite(which I still own) at Ocean Shores one day with my girlfriend and her daughter and I look over and see a guy flying this crazy looking bow tie looking kite. He was dancing the kite along the top of a guys truck that was driving on the beach. He was flipping the kite from end to end with complete control. I was floored AND intrigued. To the point my girlfriend walks over to me and grabs ahold of my handles and says "go on, I know this is going to be expensive. Go play with your new friend "

The flyer? J.B. 

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4 minutes ago, Ca Ike said:

I don't own then......yet.  I just know where a box full of brand new ones is located.  My estimation is there are at least 150 rainbow diamonds in this box.  If I work out a deal with the owner I will probably post some up for sale.


When you DO own them, I'd like dibs on 5 of them. Maybe more. 

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