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Hello @Lon,

Welcome to KiteLife®!

Although this is an automated message, it is written with heart - I love kites deeply, and I believe the KiteLife community represents this passion with a very friendly and helpful environment for everyone. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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Thanks for the welcome John and let me introduce myself. It seems that the years have flown by and I am now 60 years old.  I am a aircraft mechanic for Delta Air Lines and have been so for almost 30 years.  The first kite I remember buying was a Prism Adrenaline, maybe 10 or 12 years ago in Newport if memory serves correctly. Have not flown it a lot, but several years ago I bought a Quantum. Wow, what a different kite and one I have really enjoyed flying.

I am amazed to watch you guys and what you can do with these kites and would someday love to learn to do it also!

This year my wife and I were able to spend some time at WSIKF and I kind of caught the fever again.  I met and was able to spend a little time with John Barresi. What a cool guy, whom, to me appeared to be a genuinely friendly, helpful individual. He was very busy, but still took the time to speak and attempt to help little ol me!! 
Wife and I drove up to Ocean Shores and met Andy at his great kite shop.  Another great guy whom I am glad to have met!  While there I purchased a Freilein mid vent quad.  And before I left town I also picked up one of his special addition Quantum’s just because it looked cool!!

Since that time I have also purchased a Widow NG and a ITW Hydra and a Revolution 1.5 Classic.  I have not flown the NG, but have had the Hydra out a bit.  Yesterday I was flying it and somehow got it on its back.  Cool, first trick!  But the very next thought was, OH CRAP,  what do I do now? Somehow it worked out!  As for the quads, no bad crashes yet, but am finding them to be a very different beast, but I will get it.  I’m sure it would be very beneficial to fly with someone who knows what they are doing!

 We try to head out to Cannon Beach whenever possible, but that is not nearly often enough. You who live by the beach are pretty lucky, at least in this aspect. Since I live in Salt Lake City, the wind is pretty much like you might expect for an inland city. At least from my experience, but I’m guessing others know better.

Trying to decide what I want next or if I really need anything at this point. The new TICA2020 looks to be nice and is tempting!

Anyway, I have rattled on for far too long here and have possibly put some of you in a coma. Sorry 

Thanks again for the welcome!

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WOW took a bit but I've snapped out of my coma. Thank goodness it was a kite coma. Tica looks to be something pretty cool. Like my Widow Maker Pro a lot. I've owned 2 Sky Burners and got to fly 2 others. No doubt in my mind the Tica would rate as a A+ kite. It's a guess but it's probably similar to a Solus which is one I've wanted for sometime.Waiting for reviews and videos. My 2 lightwind kites are pricey Lams. Worth the money to me but not everyone's cup of tea. The Level One Bad Ass UL because of it's framing should be pretty durable. DeBakker(Hydra designer) says it can be flown in 1 mph. Yeah, yeah he's a pro but so.If he can do it so can we. I've got a very tattered Hydra and a Widow maker Pro which are way different kites. Your Widow ng and Hydra should complement each other really well.

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Yes I will also wait to read a review or two on the TICA, but considering where it comes from, I would expect it to pretty nice.  Likely be a little spendy, but whats money!!  I have spoke to Jon a couple of times about it and he seems pretty excited.

I need to get the Widoe NG out and see how it flies.  Seems from what I have read, it will be a very good lower cost kite.  Like I mentioned, when I got the hydra on it's back, I didn't know what to do next.  I really need to watch some video's.

I have seen you post several times about the Wolf NG.  Since I have a quantum, is the Wolf NG more of the same or would it possibly compliment what I already have?  That kite is currently, a good deal, @ kitesandfunthings.  Am I supposed to mention prices here?


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Watch some Dodd Gross videos. Get the kite on it's back and let it float to the ground thinking about different inputs.Took me along time to see the lines. The patience my ass I'm gonna trick is a blast BUT I'd be further along if I'd learn to see the lines first. Have fewer broken parts too.Wouldn't have been near as much fun though. Hydra does flip tricks really well. Keep doing turtles and you will be surprised how fast the kite will roll up. If you panic in a roll up just let the kite go to ground. When first researching kites I had a Wolf NG in the cart and got a PM on a great deal for a Widow NG. Got the Widow instead. Within the month I got a Nighthawk which is the kite the Wolf evolved from. If I lost my Nighthawk I'd have a Wolf asap. 3/4 kites get a rep as twitchy but IMO adjust inputs.Love the 3/4 kites and have 4 that are quite different from each other. Never flown a Quantum but from what I've read it's nothing like the Nighthawk/Wolf. The Nighthawk complements my Hydra and WidowMaker Pro really well. Flies more similar to the Widow but tricks more like the Hydra. In my not so humble opinion if one is more into the tricking side of things a Wolf/Nighthawk in the bag is a must have. Well for me anyways.My Nighthawk gets more airtime than my WMP or Mongoose. Mainly cause I'm not that good yet and I'd rather repair it than those other 2. P90's are cheap compared to Nitros. Lots of days it's my warmup kite. If getting to excited or struggling for a trick on another I go back to it. For some reason kite calms me down and I refocus.Last month I broke 3 ULE on it.This is my second Nighthawk and I'd never broken the ULE before. Same trick. Roll up the kite, land on a wing tip, unroll spinning the kite then launch. Learned that a year ago but went thru a spell where timing was off and it's not the only kite I broke.

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