Kite Magazine (Overview)

Over the years there have been a number of excellent printed kite magazines distributed within the kiting community, each presenting in-depth kite coverage and information on the many aspects of kiting… Sadly, many such publications are now out of print and were in danger of being available only in the dusty archives of those lucky enough to receive a few copies.

As a resource, one of KiteLife’s primary goals is to preserve some of the rich heritage the kiting community has built and ensure that it remains available to future generations of kite enthusiasts, students, media, etc by preserving out of print publications as well as hosting our own archive of content.

The owner/publishers of both Kite Lines (Valerie Govig) and Stunt Kite Quarterly (Susan Hanson) have given us exclusive permission to archive their publications, and we hope to be able to add others such as American Kite Magazine, Kite Tales and Kite Passion as time goes on… It’s primarily a matter of time, and being able to illustrate the greater good of projects like this.

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KiteLife Magazine (online)

Publishing its first “ezine” or electronic magazine issues in 1998, KiteLife® was created to fill the void created as key kite publications went out of print. Over the years it has evolved to focus more heavily on community support but our full archive of online articles and related multimedia is still available to view absolutely free of charge.

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Kite Lines Magazine (PDF)

In print from 1977 to 1999, Kite Lines was the longest-running professional magazine in kite history with a total of 50 issues, respected as the authoritative and comprehensive source of kite news and the trusted standard of reference for kiting internationally, it hosted a legion of scientists, engineers, educators and world travelers among its authors.

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Stunt Kite Quarterly (PDF)

Published from 1988 to 1993 by Cris Batdorff and family, Stunt Kite Quarterly packed into each of its 13 issues more 100% dedicated sport kite information and competition coverage than any other magazine in history and featured prolific stunt kite authors such as Lee Sedgwick, Al Hargus, Bob Hanson, Roger Chewning, Andy King, as well as many others.

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Sportkite News

Sportkite News was a quarterly publication created in 1994 by sport kite competitor Gil Velazquez of New Jersey. His love and passion for the sport led him to a publication that would inspire and inform sport kite filers of all levels to improve their skills and inspire their hearts in sport kite flying. Featuring highlight interviews with competitors of all levels, tips and other sport kite relevent information, Sportkite News ended in 1997.

Each magazine page in our PDF archives were lovingly hand-scanned into images, digitally cleaned, processed with character recognition software and generated into PDF files for easy viewing.

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