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A "Dynamic Response Test" has been created to compare properties of several Carbon Tubes.

Specifications for carbon tubing that you purchase for the purpose of constructing a frame yourself, or for modifying an existing frame, only include tube ID and OD dimensions, and an overall weight. Some tubes and frame sets will only provide a model ID and no other information.  The more experience kite flier or builder will be interested in more information than this.  Hopefully the tests that I have conducted will be useful to you although you will see from the pictures that I don’t have a NIST certified lab.  I was able to conduct these tests with readily available household items (for me, they were readily available :)).


Entries in this blog

Carbon Tubing Dynamic Response Test

Summary: A static deflection test was previously performed on several carbon tubes allowing them to be compared based solely on “stiffness”, or the “spring constant” for each tube.  A link to the discussion can be found here: http://kitelife.com/forum/topic/7329-carbon-tubing-comparison/ Experienced Rev fliers have responded with comments regarding the “reflex”, or response of the carbon tube frame being more important than the “stiffness” or weight of the frame.  Experience



Nail Boards for Knot Tying

I was inspired by the information shared in recent posts regarding the existence of something called a "Nail Board" to help tie accurate "Knot Systems" such as bridles, leader lines for handles and potentially other applications.  I decided that what I am about to share is too lengthy for a forum post so I have posted this as a blog instead.  I hope you find it useful. SF Nail Board Instructions for Knot Tying   A Nail Board consists of a “flat board” with physic



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