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Been There, Done That




Quite a while ago, I started a kiting blog on another site.  The link to that blog has been in my signature.  While I think this feature makes for a better placement of a kiting blog, it is a major undertaking to migrate and already established blog from one site to another.  One I am not technically up to doing.  So, instead, I'm going to put a link in this blog whenever there is a new posting to my kiting blog.

I hope my friends here will make use of the link and visit me there.

Thank you.

Freedom In The Sky - A Kiter's Blog



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2 hours ago, SparkieRob said:

I'll go and check it out. 

Me too.  I have been spending more time reading the forums lately.  I continue to learn from the generosity of others devoting their efforts to share our time in the sky.  SHBKF

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