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My name is Jeff, I work in Alaska as a civil engineer for a construction contractor.  My work takes me to remote areas of Alaska for extended periods of time while we are working on a project.  We work long hours 7 days a week in the summer but I try to always have my kites close by for either after work or sometimes (rarely) during if it's really good. I fly dual line, and like prism kites.  (Probably was brainwashed watching the way to fly and the advanced way to fly on vhs when I was a kid) . Flying for me is a work in progress, I enjoy it and the process but I go long periods of time trying to figure out how to do different things while seemingly getting nowhere.  (No matter how many times I watch the advanced way to fly or the YouTube tutorial :-)). I got into kites at a young age when a random guy at Virginia beach took time out of his day of flying to help me get my "discount" dual line kite up in the air and going (this was in the early or mid 90s).   Thanks if you are reading this and by chance a member of kite life.  When not at work I usually travel a bit in the United States, I am from uniontown, Pennsylvania and still have family back there, I enjoy going anywhere at the beach to fly, (usually the east coast). Hit me up if any of you end up in Alaska, (or esp if you end up where ever my profile says I am, I always have a spare kite or two), I will try to point you in the right direction of where the good spots are but it's a big state.