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I started flying kites relatively late in life. Following a fifteen year SurpriseInTheSky.JPGcareer working in the entertainment industry as a theatrical lighting designer, I was given a stunt kite as a gift.  Well, that was it! I was hooked. I proceeded to develop a stunt kite show which performed at outdoor festivals and special events throughout Canada and the Eastern United States. Our kite show matured, and in 1989 I ended up on the lagoon at Epcot Center/Disney World, Florida.  My Kite Team (The Shooting Star Kite Show) performed a series of 450 stunt kites shows, choreographed to music while being pulled behind ski boats powered by 200 horse power motors creating our wind. The show was called "Fantasy of Flight" and was performed five times daily throughout a three month contract during the summer of 1989. The Disney Corporation loved it so much, that in 1991, they invited me back to help conceive and execute a 14 minute spectacular outdoor extravaganza called: "Surprise in the Skies"

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