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  • Birthday October 3

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    Rev 1.5 SLE/SUL, Rev BLast, and my favorites: Barresi 1.5 standard and
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    West Allis, WI, Milwaukee Lakefront
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    United States
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    Sun, wind, and time to fly! If no wind... Motorcycling, gardening, antiquing, dancing, and praying for wind!
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About Me

Total Kiteaholic! (NOW... a REV-aholic!)

Isn't it something how you constantly watch treetops, flags, etc. for movement? The wind was always there, but invisible to me. Now I see wind everywhere.

The "great kiting days" which are often stolen by "gotta-dos", seem harder to give-up than before I flew these ripstop wonders. And that MP3 player my kids bought me for Christmas several years ago, finally gets used and makes my flying so much more special!

I sympathize with those who cannot, and will not, try to understand.

I'm happily Obsessed!

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